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Our cyber courses are designed to be entertaining and easy to understand even if you don't have a background in IT.

Welcome to Lab Cyber

Let’s face it; we live in a digital world that has steadily been gravitating toward the world of the internet, mobile computing, and electronic media. Unfortunately, this widespread phenomenon makes us more vulnerable than ever to malicious attacks, invasions of privacy, fraud, and hackers.

Here at Lab Cyber all the courses are designed for individuals with no experience whatsoever in information technology. Whether you are a high school teacher, a lawyer or even a chef, you can learn about cyber security and forge a new career in this exciting industry if you so wish.

Some Cyber Security Job Stats

Number of unfulfilled cyber jobs worldwide
$ 0 K
Average median salary of jobs in cyber security
0 %
The expected job growth between 2021 & 2029

The demand for cyber security experts has never been greater

Cyber crime is at an all time high and its only expected to get even higher as cyber criminals continue to invent new ways to attack their targets. 

A career in cyber security can be very exciting and rewarding and its also one of the very few industries where the demand for skilled professionals far exceeds the number of qualified candidates.

Meet your Instructor

Alexander Oni

Cyber security has always been a topic I have been fascinated by ever since I saw the movie “Sword Fish”. The way Hugh Jackman’s character constantly hacked into different computer networks fascinated me and I started to learn everything I could about cyber security. I bought myself a second hand laptop and router and coupled with some tutorials I found online, I started to teach myself.

Today I have 2 professional security certifications, a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a masters degree in cybersecurity.

I have always enjoyed teaching others what I know and combined with my passion for cyber security, it was only natural that I became a cyber security instructor. I hate cyber crime and want to do everything that I can to educate people on how to defend themselves against cyber criminals.

Why Lab Cyber?

I have spared no effort in ensuring that this platform is the best for learning about cyber security.
Experienced Instructor

I have over 10 years experience in the cyber security industry.

Affordable Pricing

You will not find more affordable quality courses elsewhere.

Engaging Courses

Forget about boring lessons with robotic instructors

Reliable Support

I promise all your questions will be answered and all issues resolve.

Online Community

Get an invitation to join my FaceBook group when you become a student.

Lab Cyber has been featured on the AMC TV Network

Certificates Available

When you finish a course, you deserve recognition for the accomplishment. Send a request for a signed certificate and you will get it via email.

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Yes, certificates are awarded upon the completion of every course.

All courses have sample lessons that you can watch for free without having to sign up.

There is only a one-time payment for a course and you will always have access to it afterward.

Yes, I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all courses purchased.

All courses are updated as often as possible to keep the content relevant to the ever changing world of cyber security.

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