Cyber Security Awareness Training

Turn your employees into your strongest security assets by providing them with the best cyber security awareness training.
Last Update: 01/08/2021
Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Course Length: 2 hrs 12 mins
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What you'll learn

  • The general principles of cyber security
  • What exactly hacking is & the hacker methodology
  • Malware & other forms of cyber attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • How we fight against cyber attacks
  • and much more

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Cyber attacks against businesses are at an all time high and continue to rise. Norton, a global leader in cyber security recently reported that over 70% of companies based in America have experienced at least 1 cyber attack in the last 7 years with about 43% of such attacks aimed specifically at small businesses. 

However despite many companies now investing tens of thousands of dollars on security software and technology, many of them continue to neglect the weakest link in their security chain – their employees aka the human factor.

In fact statistics have shown that 52% of all security breaches come from human error. It is the employee using or failing to use the technology and unaware of the security risks who paves the pathway for hackers to enter a company’s network and steal private data. 

This is why any company that is serious about protecting themselves against cyber criminals must ensure their employees have basic cyber security awareness training.

Let's take a peek at the course curriculum

I have spared no effort in ensuring that this training is the most complete and up to date on the market.


The Basics

The first chapter will cover the primary and fundamental principles of cyber security. 


Cyber Attacks

All the ways and tools cyber attacks are performed are covered.



The various technologies and tools you can use to fight against cyber criminals.



An in depth section that will expose hackers and their methods of operation.


Case Studies

Recent cyber attacks against companies are analyzed in full detail

Turn your employees into your strongest security assets.

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